Blockchain Architect



Expert in Innovating Blockchain applications by integrating new tools/technologies as well as ascertaining Blockchain technology needs and envisaging functionalities. Proven success in transforming businesses via Blockchain solutions and ensuring overall organizational security, data integrity, and transparency. Well versed in serving as a Computer Engineer (Full Stack Software and Hardware) with a specialty in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Automation, Deep Learning, Internet Of Things, RnD. Expert in building and maintaining ideal IT environment by providing real world enterprise solutions. Strong background in achieving project objectives by applying development & engineering practice, providing ongoing IT consultation, and implementing business development and marketing strategies. Skilled in building cross-functional teams, demonstrating exceptional communication skills, and making critical decisions during challenges.

Programming Languages: Solidity, GraphQL, Batch, Clojure, Dart, GO, Solidity, R, Objective-C, Rust, Swift, TypeScript, Xcode, PIG, .NET, SQL, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, Visual Basic 6.0,

C/C++, Pascal, Python, Assembly, VHDL, LISP, Scheme, Actionscript 2.0 - 3.0, VB.NET, C#.NET, ASP.NET



March 2020 - Present

PROJECTS: Blockchain eccentric corporation that offer a large blockchain ecosystem across Social Media, FinTech, Crypto Exchange, NFT Marketplace, Multimedia Streaming, Token Platform, IEO, ICO, CrowdSale, Blockchain as a Service, Crypto E-Commerce, Liquidity Pools, Centralized Exchange, Blockchain Protocols Integration Platform, Gnosis Safe Integration & FEX Orbiter Ai Trading Bot.

· Provided leadership, vision, and hands on tech implementation.

· Delivered platforms to the market.

· Successfully integrated our Banking Partner’s api into Blockchain as a Service.

· Developed Tokenomics for Token Platform including coding and deployment of the Token Platform.

ENVIRONMENT: Solidity, Remix, Hardhat, Truffle, Tenderly, Mempool, Geth, Zepplin, Web3.js,, Ethers.js, BlockNative, Infura,, Metamask, React, React Native, MongoDB, AWS, Python, ETHER/Binance/LiteCoin/Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash Nodes, Molecular JS,, VS Code, etc.


Dec 2019 – March 2020.

PROJECTS: Mobile IOT Blockchain Brand Management solution.

· Accomplished set goals by developing and providing full stack mobile Blockchain solutions.

· Facilitated retailers/manufacturers in protecting brand integrity and providing the required authentication amidst manufactures and end users.

· Satisfied all expectations by managing/delivering user management, RFID Scanning, Product Ownership Registration, Ownership Transfer, and Ownership Transfer Tracing.

ENVIRONMENT: React, React Native, MySql, MongoDB, Wordpress, Google Analytics, Rest API, BigChainDB, Javascript,, and VS Code.


May 2018 – Nov 2018
PROJECTS: Blockchain Research & Development

· Streamlined operational procedures and ensured data integrity by carrying out research and establishing a wide range of Blockchain Applications.

· Managed and fulfilled other significant duties, including interfacing with SEC Small Business Division, discovery of Regulation Requirements & Standards, developing Tokenomic Incentive Strategies, Designing Crypto Security Architectures, Imagineering, Co-Developing White Paper & Roadmap.

ENVIRONMENT: Truffle, Solidity, Javascript, Web3.js, Vue.js, React.js, NodeJS, Node Red, ReactStudio, IPFS, Ethereum Go (Geth), Python 3.x, Populus, Remix, iEx, BigChainDb, Service Oracles, Smart Contract Standards, Zeppelin, Acyclic Graphs,, Parity, GitHub, Ganache, VS Code, Mist, MetaMask, Ether Gas Station, Ropsten, MainNet, Kovan & Private BlockChain Genisis.


April 2017 - Present
PROJECTS: Cognitive Millimeter Wave Threat Detection

· Categorized, tracked, and facilitated the authorities in highlighting detected bad materials within the prohibited geolocations through research/development of an effective platform by utilizing Millimeter Wave Technology.

· Played a vital role and contributed in the advanced research in materials/radioscopy/machine learning/radar technology to achieve project objectives.

ENVIRONMENT: Angular 5, TensorFlow, Raman Spectroscopy, Jupyter Notebook, CUDA, GPU Training, Docker, OpenCV, Windows Azure, Keras, MS CNTK,, Deep Learning, Apache2, Ubuntu, PyData, Numpy, Pillow, PIP, FloydHub, Django, Flask, MatPlotLib, SkLearn, Python 2.7, Python 3.x, RNN, Neural Modelling and Training, etc.

PROJECTS: Blockchain Research & Development

· Researching & Developing several Blockchain architypes including Decentralize Autonomous Organizations, Ai DAO, ATTNG DAO, Initial Coin Offerings, Distributed Applications (DAPP), Blockchain Protocols, Private IOT Blockchains, Generative Adversarial Neural Blockchain Networks, User Content Generation Chains, Reward/Discount Based Chains, Distributed (Storage/Computing/Databases/Services/Servers), Escrow Smart Contracts, Multi-signature Wallets, Smart Contract Optimization, Smart Contract Auditing, Smart Contract & Legacy System Integration, Decentralized Economy Design & Analytics, AML Tokens, KYC Standards.

ENVIRONMENT: Angular 5, Truffle, Solidity, Javascript, Web3.js, Vue.js, React.js, NodeJS, Node Red, ReactStudio, IPFS, Ethereum Go (Geth), Python 3.x, Populus, Remix, iEx, BigChainDb, Service Oracles, Smart Contract Standards, Zeppelin, IoTA, Acyclic Graphs,, Parity, Beaker, GitHub, EmerCoin, NameCoin, PeerName, Ganache, VS Code, Mist, MetaMask, Ether Gas Station, Ropsten, MainNet, Kovan, Private BlockChain Genesis, npm, brew, pip, MS Azure IOT, MS Azure Blockchain.