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International Crypto Marketing Executive



Strategic marketing executive with 5+ years of experience in crypto, defi and blockchain.  Developing highly skilled marketing teams to launch and scale global B2B and B2C technology brands. Skilled storyteller with the ability to translate complex technical information into targeted marketing content and align messaging with consumer behavior and key demographics across international markets. Thrives in cultures of collaboration and continuous improvement with a drive for expanding cutting-edge technology into new markets to drive significant revenue growth and maximize profitability for small to mid-sized businesses.

Industry Expertise: Blockchain, FinTech, Cryptocurrency, AI/Machine Learning, DeFi, SaaS

Core Expertise: Global Marketing Strategy, Technology Sales ,Revenue Generation, Market Expansion, Business Growth, Digital Marketing, Demand & Lead Generation, Product Messaging, SEO, Market Research, Data Analytics, New Product Launches

Languages: English, German, French

Technical Proficiencies: HTML, CSS, Drupal, Wordpress, Adobe Creative Suite, Publisher, Final Cut Pro, Motion, HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Hootsuite


VP of Marketing 11/2020 - 12/2021

  • Charged with designing and leading the organization’s marketing strategy to accelerate business growth and elevate brand awareness. 

  • Delivered a 50% increase in revenue in just 8 months; on track to achieve goal of a 75% increase in annual revenue.

  • Advise the executive team on strategic growth strategies and align marketing initiatives with long-term business goals

  • Manage an external PR agency to gain visibility and communicate the brand’s message to key demographics through traditional and digital media

  • Direct a team of digital marketers, content writers, and SEO specialists to assign workflows and allocate resources to high priority activities

  • Improve lead generation and conversion rates by expanding and guiding a team of outside marketers to secure and qualify high potential leads

  • Guide a full-scale content marketing strategy, driving organic search results and identifying SEO and SEM strategies to boost Google ranking and visibility

  • Allocate digital ad spend to maximize ROI and accelerate exposure while maintaining strict cost controls

IoT Contract CMO 08/2019 - 03/2020

  • Served as an external consultant to advise the executive team of the blockchain based smart spaces solution.

  • Designed and deployed a growth-oriented marketing strategy including SEO, social media, business development, and sales efforts

  • Expanded footprint into the U.S. market, transforming all product messaging to target the U.S. consumer

DeFi | KYC Contract CMO 12/2018 - 07/2019

  • Partnered with the executive team for the EU-based blockchain Know Your Customer (KYC) app to identify business priorities and design key marketing strategies in support of business growth.

  • Secured relationships with global PEOs to find and leverage international talent

Head of Global Marketing 12/2016 - 12/2018

  • Curated a strategic vision and designed an international marketing plan to turnaround an underperforming product launch for the SaaS company, bringing an enterprise-class web content management system (CMS) to key markets including cryptocurrency.

  • Tripled total revenue and secured $500K in annual recurring revenue (ARR) within 1 quarter of launch

  • Reimagined product messaging and retargeted B2B outreach efforts to drive market expansion and product adoption

  • Coached a 14-person marketing team to position 3 SaaS/eCommerce product lines

  • Led international market expansion into the U.S., translating complex technology into clear messaging and aligning product value with U.S.-based business priorities

  • Leveraged professional employment organizations (PEOs) to expand efforts on a global scale and gain access to skilled workforce in several countries

  • Orchestrated a large-scale content marketing transformation to create consumer-focused messaging and engage with U.S. clients

  • Conducted comprehensive market research with a focus on IoT integrations in the US, EU, LATAM, and APAC regions

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