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Remote, USA

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As a Governance Evangelist, you will be a core team member building and promoting the governance of their open-source distributed systems infrastructure. The Governance Evangelist has a direct impact on the trajectory of their layer 0 distributed ledger technology by growing involvement in the governance process. The governance Evangelist is a liaison between them and other industry-leading ecosystems. They attract high-value talent and partnerships by evangelizing their ecosystem and its governance. They will support the onboarding of new interested parties into the governance process and support the Governance Coordinator in managing the Hypergraph Improvement Proposal Process.


  • 3+ years of professional experience in a customer and/or partnership-based role

  • Strong background in the blockchain industry

  • Solid understanding of existing infrastructure governance models

  • Ability to draw and expand upon a wide network in the blockchain industry

  • Experience in attracting talent and partners

  • Familiarity with writing technical or process-based design documents



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