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Remote, USA

Job Type


$120 - $150K

About the Role

As a Product Manager, you will drive the vision, strategy, and execution. This role provides an opportunity to create massive business and customer impact because they are expanding in newer territories and a nuanced understanding of the crypto business is instrumental.


  • Some experience with fast-paced product tracks and have led products, preferably Enterprise SaaS offerings in the past.

  • You enjoy working on forward-looking projects. Given the industry's early days, you will get ample opportunities to lead projects without many solutions to benchmark against.

  • You think not as an engineer but as a user. That means you know how to solve the low hanging fruit first before jumping into solving challenging problems which are not always necessary to be solved in the first go.

  • You understand the importance of concrete business metrics, product-driven acquisition, customer engagement and retention, onboarding driven activation and naturally think along these lines.

  • You enjoy the process of discovery with customers and bring a strong sense of empathy and a user-centric approach to product management. It would help if you have an eye for value. The Product is successful only if it is helping clients run their business effectively.

  • You treat customer NPS as your holy grail but can weed out subjectivity from the customer inputs to keep items actionable.

  • You value QA more than development and treat deadlines as set in stone unless there is a very good reason not to.



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